Hi, i'm ashleigh :) 17. HeYa/Brittana blog. Pretty sure they're the same thing. Sometime i post words/quotes. Words are everything. I'm a girl trying to come to terms with my sexuality and this is the only thing that gets me by. I don't mind getting hate. You'll probably just tell me things i already know anyway so go ahead. If it helps you to sleep at night, because i know i won't be losing any sleep from you. I prefer my dreams over reality but sometimes reality isn't so bad. People like you guys make it a shitload easier. I'm and award winning problem solver. I'm addicted to false realities. I have no doubt i will spend my life travelling. I fall down a lot and i have an incurable fascination with music. Have fun and forever live Brittana. x

Naya gets Instagram and Tumblr crashes

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